Interior & Exterior Painting Services

ABC Land & Paint has built a reputation in the Portland and Vancouver area for delivering top-quality painting services and excellent customer service to our clients. Most importantly, we are known for our professionalism. We’re experienced in the painting business and we are committed on meeting the client’s expectations. Our painting clients include homeowners, new construction, property managers, realtors and contractors. Before we begin working on your painting project, we provide a detailed painting estimate of the costs involved so you can make an educated decision.

At ABC Land & Paint we provide a guarantee on all work that has been completed. It is important to us that you are satisfied with your interior or exterior painting experience. ABC Land & Paint offers Interior and Exterior painting services.

Interior Painting

We take great pride in our ability to deliver top quality interior painting. We approach every interior job the same way from one room to a complete house. Our routine involves setup, preparation and finally the professional painting and expert finish to give your home a beautiful new look.

For the painting preparation, we remove dirt and debris from the walls, sand, fill holes and caulk where necessary, remove hardware, curtains, and any loose paint. Then, we apply high quality paint, or the paint of your choosing. Our interior painting services include interior walls, ceilings, stairs, garage floors, kitchen cabinets, wood trim, molding, baseboards, doors as well as wood staining and varnishing. Upon completion of the painting, we will replace hardware and fixtures, curtains and blinds and remove all drop cloths and paint from your property.

Exterior Painting

Before we start every exterior painting project we identify what are the problems and the solutions specific to your home. We inspect the house carefully, with an eye for identifying any paint cracking, peeling, or bubbling. ABC Land & Paint follows the same routine for all interior painting projects, including interior preparation, painting and paint clean up.

For the preparation, we start by power-washing or cleaning the surface to remove any loose dirt or paint. We inspect for mildew, sand and caulk where necessary, remove hardware and fixtures. For the exterior painting, we carefully apply a high quality paint, or the paint of your choosing. Our exterior painting services include painting, siding, trim, windows, garage doors, storage sheds, and shutters. Once the exterior painting is complete, we carefully replace all hardware and fixtures that were removed and remove all drop cloths and paint from your property.

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